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The Good and The NOt So Good

July 11 Tioman Day 3
The boys went hiking to Monkey Bay and Salan to snorkel there. It is a two hour trek through the jungle. They will catch a boat taxi back. The boys said the troop of monkeys was on their roof this morning so they were not sleeping in. DSCF3816.jpgMark and I chilled on the beach, read our books and snorkeled. The highlight was the turtle I saw just at our beach while snorkelling. 1DSCF3846.jpg He was on the ocean floor eating and did not notice that I was right above him. I filmed him for a bit and then I moved on. He was the size of a carry on suitcase I suppose as everything looks bigger through the mask. I did see some coral I had never seen before and the blue was really nice. Today we also saw a four foot monitor lizard outside our back balcony. 1DSCF3834.jpg There was also a small one on the beach checking out some garbage. When I scared it, it started swimming. In the afternoon we had a big downpour so I was a bit worried about the boys. Even if they didn’t take a boat, they would have to walk back through the jungle and it would be wet and very slippery. The boys did make it back safely and had caught a ride with the snorkel trip from our resort. They had seen a python on the way there this morning. large_DSCF3824.jpg
We tried again to phone home but with no luck. We met our neighbour from France. She came by ferry from Mersing. She said they told her in Mersing that she would need a 6 digit pin for her master card. We all agreed that Malaysia is not as consumer friendly as Thailand. We didn’t have difficulty with 4 digits in Tioman. The boys said they saw 2 stingrays on their snorkel trip. They said the jungle was thicker than anything they had ever seen before and had a huge variety of fauna. All the tropical plants I had ever seen as a child grow wild here and incredible flowers everywhere. Just walking around the property here is ten times nicer than any tropical gardens I have ever seen. At dinner tonight we met up with Cameron’s friend Tessa. She was just walking down the path and found us eating dinner at one of the beach side cafes. The boys went to a bar for beers with Tessa and I opted to go home. ...Big mistake. It would have been much more fun at the bar than what I had to face back at the room. I was typing on the computer when I had the feeling that I wasn’t alone. At first I passed it off as noises coming from outside the room. Finally I looked up only to discover a giant cockroach on the door fluttering away. I grabbed the only weapon I had which was my running shoe. As I did this, it flew over to the bathroom door which was open to the inside. I knew it was just out of my reach BUT HOW TO REACH THE DOORKNOB WITHOUT RENDERING MYSELF COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS? Before I could react it had flown into the bathroom. Solution- close the door. To battle a cockroach in such close quarters with obstacles such as toilets to jump over was not an option. I knew I could not keep my courage up to win the battle in the bathroom. . I realized I could no longer concentrate while worrying about how we were going to deal with this problem later, I decided to get ready for bed after pushing a towel up against the door for extra security. And so with my enemy contained, I went back to typing Tomorrow we will take a snorkel boat ride.
Incredibly, there was more fluttering in the room. He landed right beside the bed. I knew he was heading for under the bed where I could never get him and there would be no sleep for me that night. It was a RACE AND I WAS determined to win this time! I grabbed my running shoe and got to him just before he headed under the be.Whack! It was so gross and a big bloody unattractive mess was splattered on the beautiful white tile floor. After cleaning up my nemesis, I lay in bed trying to read but my thoughts kept wandering to “how did he get out of the bathroom? The only logical conclusion was there had to be two. There could be even more! This was not a happy thought. I tried to read but how could I concentrate when every little noise would set my heart racing and my stomach turning. I kept my only weapon ( my running shoe) by my side. Now I knew I must stay vigilant and awake as I must warn Mark about the villain in the bathroom. I could imagine him coming home happily drunk and his first move would be to open the bathroom door in the dark only to be accosted by the horrible creature, or worse to have it fly into the room and hide under our bed ruining all hope of sleep!

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