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Redang to Tioman July 9

sunny 29 °C

Hi We have just taken a boat from our resort to a taxi to a plane ato Singapore to get on a flight to get to Tioman Island. We haven't had access to internet, phone or money for days. We hear that there is not internet on Tioman so we won't be updating for awhile. We just crossed in and out of Malaysia in a day so have seen lots of customs and immigration. Am typing in the airport but we will be boarding shortly.
Redang had a beautiful beach and great snorkeling. I wish I could up load photos but can't do it here. No sunburns so far.

July 9th, Leaving Redang
We had breakfast at 7:30 and the bulldozer(I’m not kidding) came to pick up our luggage at 8am from the beach. A very interesting choice for luggage valet. DSCF3746.jpgWe took a small speed boat about 20 minutes to the little Redang airport where we had to go through customs and immigration before boarding our little dash 7. They wanted and extra 100 rgt which is $30 because we were only allowed 10 kg per person and we were 10kg over. Bajera Air is the only airline that requires less than 15 kg per person. Of course we were travelling with wet towels and bathing suits and probably 10 kg of sand. The sand is a fine powder so it is in everything.
We took my backpack as carryon so we didn’t have to pay because we still didn’t have any money since KL. The flight was nice and we arrived not at the big terminal for Singapore but rather at the Budget Terminal (I’m not kidding, that is what it is called). We had an hour and a half so we shuttled to the main Singapore airport for lunch and to continue the search for internet, phone time, and an ATM. Of course we had to get through customs and immigration before we could do all this. No luck with anything except lunch, we hustled back to Budget Airport for our flight. They were announcing family through the whole airport as we were late getting to the gate. DSCF3755.jpg
It was beautiful flying over the South China Sea and seeing all the little islands below. Tioman airport was as small as Redang and right beside the jetty where we got the taxi boat to take us to our beach. The pilot deserved a lot of credit for the tight bank and quick turn onto a very short runway that ended at the water.
The taxi boat drivers decided to spread the wealth a little by making us take two boats. We didn’t really know where we were going to go so this was problematic. Cameron and Daniel just told there boat driver to drop them off at the nicest beach but he didn’t tell our boat driver where he left them. DSCF3759.jpgIt took us a while find each other and get checked in. We are staying on the ABC side of the island named after the first resort on this side. We picked Nazri’s place and he gave us a little bungalow back in the jungle for 5. He put a foamy on the floor for the 5th person and there were red ants everywhere. We stayed there the first night but moved for $10 more to the new building for Mark and I and a smaller place for the boys. Now we have “deluxe” with tv, AC, balcony, hot water but the sink still leaks on the floor. DSCF3898.jpgThe bathrooms in both Thailand and Malaysia are always wet everywhere as they just spray the whole thing down to clean but they never dry anything. The shower sprays all over the toilet and you just get used to it. The tile in the bathroom and flooring is beautiful. The beach and chalets are butted against a mountain that goes straight up behind us affording us great views of the monkey troop and monitor lizards behind us. The foliage is really dense so there are lots of song birds as well.

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